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New surveys on the "voice" of the Pyramid of the Sun

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On 15th of March 2012, a small group of members of SBRG, in collaboration with Bosnian Foundation of Pyramid of the Sun, has gone to Bosnia once again to collect the "voice" of the Pyramid of the Sun with new advanced instrumentation.


The presence of snow on top and along the way to the plateau of the pyramid at this time discourages the flux of tourists visiting the medieval fortress on top of pyramid and allowed to perform for three hours surveys using high-level recorders in total calmness.


This measuring confirmed not only the presence of a wide ultrasonic beam coming out continuously from the top of the pyramid, already detected in 2011 by our research group by the use of a compander (here the file of  February 2011), but, thanks to new equipment, it was also able to record these ultrasounds with greater accuracy.


The records are still being analyzed in a professional studio in Helsinki (Finland), but their features appear, from the first analysis, very similar to a message (listen here to the "voice" of the pyramid made audible reducing ultrasound of three-octave by computer software and by a special algorithm to highlight modulated component of the sound file - author and sound engineer Heikki Altero Savolainen).


Similarly, a transposition of ultrasonic frequencies in a musical file for simulating a piano seems almost to suggest a mathematical structure of the ultrasonic vibrations (hear here the musical file).

Bosnia - Herzegovina, the land of miracles, continues to amaze.

Paolo Debertolis - 26th of March 2012


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