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Finished experiment of April 2012 on ultrasounds beam and electromagnetic waves from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun



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 At the end of April 2012 the important experiment, directed by the physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak, on the origin of the ultrasound beam and electromagnetic waves from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun / Visočica hill took place on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

 The experiment took over 48 hours, but required several days of preparation of the site where it was managed and several months in the previous period for development  of the project and equipment.


Fig.1 - The cars crammed with heavy equipment were brought to the base of the top of the pyramid. This operation have several difficulties given by the significant presence of mud


Fig.2 - On the left the director of the experiment, Slobodan Mizdrak, on the right Paolo Debertolis



Fig.3 - The most effort was made for a heavy generator needed to supply all the equipment that was delivered by hand to the summit (Below:on the left Matija Grabar, on the right Vladimir Skenderovic)



Under direct control of four cameras connected by wireless system with the direct operational control center located in the hotel Piramida Sunca of Visoko, it was installed a powerful transmitter on the plateau of the top of the Pyramid of the Sun (Visoćica Hill) that interfered with the beam coming from inside pyramid and which expands over it.




Fig. 4 - We installed numerous video-cameras to observe the equipment during the experiment


The dual transmitter was a ultrasounds and radio waves transmitter located at the same frequencies as those produced by the pyramid. Numerous sensors placed over the top and connected to the operational control center, in addition to those placed at the same time in the tunnels of Ravne. 


Fig.5 - The dual transmitter of radio waves and ultrasounds


Fig.6 - The double emitter: ultrasounds waves (trumpet Motorola) and electromagnetic waves (dedicated antenna). The two emitters produced the same frequencies simultaneously


Fig.7 - Last development of contacts and equipments for recording the frequencies


Fig.8 Over: The director of the experiment, Mizdrak, is showing one electromagnetic sensor placed on the top of the pyramid; Below: detail of the sensor



Fig.9 - The antennas sent signals of the sensors and transmitters to the control center in the hotel Piramida Sunca located in the center of Visoko


 Researchers took care  to the ancient structures placed on top of the hill that were minimally affected by equipment or experiment.


Fig.10 - The area of the fortress totally uninvolved experiment. The transmitters and the equipment were placed at the centre of the plateau, while the cameras are detached from the walls of the ancient artifact

Fig.11 - The operations center monitors were controlling the situation perfectly at the top of the pyramid of the Sun by numerous video-cameras and by instrumentation and sensors connected to the transmitters


Fig.12 - The control centre room was guarded day and night to follow the evolution of the experiment


The transmitters have produced all the frequencies in a particular range by changing the frequencies emitted every few minutes while operators esteemed the answers on the sensors.

Research has also had dramatic moments in the wind, rain, "Red Light" and helicopters in exploration, but also determined new knowledge in the localization of the source of the signal inside the Pyramid of the Sun, its power and its features.





Fig. 13 - Also in tunnels of Ravne were placed the sensors connected to the network in the cabin placed outside of the tunnel


The equipment placed on the pyramid were guarded night and day by new Foundation archaeologist, Richard Brett, who slept in a tent placed close to the wall of the fortress.


Fig.14 - The archaeologist Richard Brett


We collected 30 Terabytes of data which will be analyzed in three different laboratories (Vienna, Zagreb and Belgrade) for a perfect confirmation of results. The full analysis of the data will require 3 to 6 months.


Fig.15 - Slobodan Mizdrak on the left and Riccardo Brett on the right


Sincere thanks to all researchers who participated this extraordinary event with care and passion and to the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and Semir Osmanagić for support. Thanks in particular by whole SBRG group to Slobodan Mizdrak, our associate researcher, who conceived this project in April 2012 and led it with great skill.

Paolo Debertolis – May 12, 2012





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