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An anonymous quarrelling blogger

(Notice for the readers)


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Usually we don’t waste time with what is written about us in the media, especially on forums or anonymous blogs. However, following the persistence of an anonymous blogger, we are obliged to officially reply to the attacks directed to our research group from the Internet. In this case we are speaking about Irna’s web site which claims to tell readers the truth about Bosnian Pyramids.

The readers should know that this anonymous blogger, Irna, gives the illusion of being an academic archaeologist. Although she graduated in geology, Irna has no academic assignment, experience of research or knowledge of archaeology, she is in fact merely a geography teacher at a school in Lyon (France). Her knowledge is obtained purely from the Internet, something recognised by the editor in the only journalistic report she published on the French review “Balkanologie” at the point n.4 of the “Texte intégrale” of the article (in French language “agrégée de Géographie” is teacher of geography at school).

Irna claims the reason for her anonymity is because she has received threats, but this anonymity covers completely her lacks. However her knowledge of Bosnia language and affairs is because she is of Bosnian origin.

The reason for all her attacks against our group of research (SBRG) is unclear, however more recently she promotes the sale of her e-book for €10.45 in which she argues the Bosnian pyramids are only a pseudo-archaeology affair.

SBRG group carried out research between 2010 to 2013 in Bosnia-Herzegovina with 18 missions. We published 2 papers here and here on international scientific literature and 28 news and 13 articles on our web site in English for describing our studies. Clearly our academic interest in the archaeoacoustic properties of this archaeological site in Bosnia were not well accepted by Irna.

We have also researched in other European countries, in particular England, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Serbia and Macedonia, but Irna has no interest in our research here. She is interested only in our Bosnian activity.

Because she cannot refute our academic titles, she began to discuss about the validity of archaeaoacoustic methods in archaeology, but after eight papers we published in the international literature since 2012 she can no longer support her claims, we have to remember she is not an archaeologist.

So Irna began to discuss who accepted our papers and in particular about the editor Thomson Ltd. of Žilina (Slovakia Republic) which organizes scientific conferences on the Internet and accepted 4 of our 8 papers on archaeoacoustics from 2012 (we have also published scientific papers on other arguments).

These conferences have three important peculiarities: firstly the editor after a peer-review mechanism of selection gives the possibility to the author that his work is easily found on the Internet by a simple search engine search, without having to spend a lot of money as with a traditional conference; secondly the number of citations of the author on Google Scholar is increased; thirdly the editor set in contact the authors of different fields for a multidisciplinary approach to science, giving the possibility to the participants to know the progress of other fields of research contiguous to theirs.

The success of this format is well demonstrated by the participation of a great number of authors and second or third editions of every virtual conferences reached at this moment. The last article produced by Irna attacks these conferences and at the same time reveals her low scientific knowledge and lack of understanding as to how the academic world works.

One only has to ask, what is real Irna’s motivation in discrediting all our research carried out in Bosnia?

SBRG – June 11, 2014


Update July 28, 2014 - Recently Irna’s blog trying again to have more visibility has re-published some links regard an anonymous Italian blog with a certain number of  articles full of falsehoods, foolishnesses and misconceptions about our research group and some members of it.

As we published here some months ago, the readers have to know that the anonymous author of these articles, signed with the pseudonym of Simplicio, was a young degree student of  Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy), whose initials are M.M.
At present we know this student has never received any training in the field of archeology, archaeoacoustics, acoustic or audiology. He has never participated in any archaeological excavation, he has never published any scientific paper or poster, he has never done any institutional research and has never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina, even though he has written about this extensively.
Therefore we leave it to you the readers opinion as to the scientific value, or even as documentary value the articles produced by this blogger (translated in French and English languages directly by Irna and by one of her collaborators, Abacus/Romulus), along with their level of their authoritativeness, claimed by the same anonymous author.

Irna’s attempt to claim authority using such ridiculous references is clearly non-professional, non-scientific and absurd again.




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