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Archaeoacoustic research in the ancient castle of Gropparello in Italy

Paolo Debertolis*, Daniele Gullà**, Francesca Piovesana*


*Department of Medical Sciences - University of Trieste, Italy

**SB Research Group, Bologna, Italy


Abstract - Archaeoacoustics provides a way of offering new interpretations on anthropological questions pertaining to ancient architecture and populations. We made an archaeoacoustic analysis of a medieval castle (Gropparello) in Italy built over a likely ancient sacred site known from Celtic period of that area. Our results show a great number of physical phenomena that appear to exist only within the area of the castle but they are not detectable in the surrounding neighborhood. In particular we found infrasounds, audible low frequencies and spiral magnetic fields able to affect brain activity. We can presume that the myth of a sacred site pre-existing in the location where the castle was built is real. The site seems to have the same characteristics we found in other sacred sites in Europe and Asia.


Keywords – archaeoacoustics, Gropparello, vibrations.


Proceedings in the Congress “The 5th Virtual International Conference on Advanced Research in Scientific Areas” (ARSA-2016) Slovakia,  November 9 - 11, 2016: pp. 98-104.


Published by: EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, Univerzitná 1, 01026 Žilina, Slovak Republic.

ISBN: 978-80-554-0958-0, ISSN: 1338-9831

You can find the original paper in English by SBRG here.

You can find the original paper from the congress web site here.




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