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Vibrations and natural phenomena in ancient sites affecting the brain activity

How to study the mind in the archaeological sites


Paolo Debertolis*, Daniele Gullà**


*Department of Medical Sciences - University of Trieste, Italy

**SB Research Group, Bologna, Italy


Summary - From a number of research studies and our own experience it was observed that some ancient “sacred” sites have a specific affect on brain waves during rites. The frequencies of resonance found at these sites were tested on a group of volunteers in the laboratory of our university. Audiometric tests at the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic were used and the response was measured by EEG. Similar tests on the same group were repeated in an ancient hypogeum in Italy. We found there was a prevalence of frontal areas or occipital (posterior) areas with no predominance of one cerebral hemisphere (left of right) over the other whilst the frequencies were played.  Throughout the experiment some brain areas had also a split of waves, but only in those volunteers who regularly practiced meditation or prayers. Each volunteer had a different sensitivity to all the tones without one tone prevailing, with each exhibiting a strong response to a subjective and personal tone. In the same hypogeum we applied some innovative methods of research to better understand this altered state of mind induced from the vibrations present in that location with very interesting results.

Keywords: archaeoacustics, ultrasounds, infrasounds, low frequency sound.


Proceedings of  International Conference: “ANCIENT GREECE AND THE MODERN WORLD - The Influence of Greek Thought on Philosophy, Science and Technology“, Conference Centre, International Olympic Academy, Ancient Olympia (Archaeological Site), Greece, 28-31 August 2016.

You can find the original paper in English here.



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