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New Technologies of Analysis in Archaeoacoustics

 Paolo Debertolis*, Daniele Gullà**


 *Department of Medical Sciences - University of Trieste, Italy

**SB Research Group, Bologna, Italy


Abstract - Building on previous research where EEG was used to measure the effect on brainwave activity, SBRG (Super Brain Research Group) have been developing a new protocol to further evaluate physical phenomena found at many archaeological and other sites. Equipment from the field of forensic imaging and remote sensing has been utilised to enable greater understanding of the inclusion and utilisation of resonance as a deliberate feature utilised by the architects. At the same time we analyzed the effect on the human body of these phenomena using established methods such as electroencephalograpy (EEG) and more recently the TRV camera. Over the last two years SBRG’s archaeoacoustic research has focused on making visible vibrations and natural magnetic and electric fields which interact with the human body, that until now had only previously been measured by microphone, spectrum analyzers or similar devices. This new method is based on using a combination of ultrasensitive digital sensors and computer software, to identify micro variations in the environment.  Vibrations and environmental micro-movements are made visible and a value given to their corresponding frequencies through a photographic process that creates a photographic composite from a series of time-lapse images. Electromagnetic fields can be made visible, by using the “scattering phenomenon” of light reflecting from steam water molecules whose magnetic field is invisible to the human eye on the one hand, but detected by computer using a modified camera in the UV field. Ancient sites analysed by SBRG to date, have exhibited the presence of certain phenomena that has a direct influence on the human body, thereby creating a new method of analysis in the field of archaeoacoustics.

Keywords - Archaeoacoustics,UV photography, TRV camera.

Proceedings of Conference "Archaeacoustics II: Second International Multi-Disciplinary Conference and workshop on the Archaeology of Sound", Istanbul Technical University, Taşkışla Building, Istanbul, Turkey, 30, 31 October and 1 November, 2015, pp. 33-50.

You can find the original paper published in English here.




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