Preliminary Archaeoacoustic Analysis of a Temple in the Ancient Site of Sogmatar in South-East Turkey

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Paolo Debertolis*, Daniele Gullà**


 *Department of Medical Sciences - University of Trieste, Italy

**SB Research Group, Bologna, Italy


Abstract - The archaeoacoustic properties and physical phenomena of a site in South East Anatolia (Turkey), described from ancient times as a religious and knowledge centre, were studied. An experiment of resonance and research of local physical phenomena by UV photography took place over one day to establish the properties of this underground site using SBSA protocol. The preliminary study found some interesting peculiarities that confirm a deep knowledge of resonance phenomenon at frequencies suspected to affect brain activity.  On a side wall, we also identified a strong magnetic field that is without explanation.

Keywords - Archaeoacoustics, Sogmatar, Hypogeum, altered state of mind.

Proceedings of Conference "Archaeacoustics II: Second International Multi-Disciplinary Conference and workshop on the Archaeology of Sound", Istanbul Technical University, Taşkışla Building, Istanbul, Turkey, 30, 31 October and 1 November, 2015, pp. 137-148.

You can find the original draft in English with coloured pictures here. 

You can find the original paper published in English here.