First preparations to begin the exploratory excavation of the “tomb” in Ravne Labyrinth

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We received the first daily report by the archaeologist responsible for the excavation, Sara Acconci.
The area has been cordoned off and isolated from the rest of Ravne Labyrinth. Some members of  SBRG and the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are present day and night to protect the important structure below the soil.


 Fig. 1 - Photo made before excavations started. Above from left to right: Axel Drioli (assistant surveyor SBRG ), Justin F. Kerby (voluntary), Sara Acconci (SBRG and Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun archaeologist), Carmine Barisano (SBRG archaeologist), Paolo Debertolis (SBRG medical anthropologist), Richard Hoyle (geology student and independent documentary filmmaker), Rókus Ármin (SBRG collaborator). Below: Alfredo Bertan (worker and SBRG photographer)


A calculation of the size and characteristics of the excavation has been performed. Below is a draft of the project from the chief archaeologist, Sara Acconci.


 Fig. 2 - The draft of the excavation prepared by Sara Acconci


A wooden structure has been built to protect the “tomb” this has been placed over the excavation to prevent falling stones from the ceiling damaging the structure or affecting those who work in the excavation.


 Fig. 3 - The wooden structure built to protect the excavation


The space available for moving has been calculated and, provided they do not meet unforeseen obstacles, they should be able to proceed without any problems.


 Fig. 4 - Picture of the start of the excavation (photo Richard Hoyle)


For now they have found a very compact clay in the soil wanted so by the builder of the structure for the first 30 cm below the surface.

Paolo Debertolis - July 26, 2011


Video of the excavation project:here