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In order to defend the reputation and reliability of our research project (SBRG), we would like to point out to the readers that this web site has nothing to share with the Italian web site " ECLISSEFORUM – La ConoScienza Condivisa" and its inquiries.

The site in question by an anonymous member of the editorial board, has recently continuously requested supplementary information over what we already published on our research in Bosnia in Visoko Valley.

Despite our requests for clarification (we know neither the competence nor the qualification of the members of the editorial staff and even their names), it is clear members of this site wish to hide their true identity by remaining anonymous. We therefore decided not to cooperate with these self-styled science journalists with mysterious behavior, we hereby deny permission for any use, even partial, of the material published on our site (articles, photos and videos).

The site of SB Research Group, as scientific manifesto of a group of researches inspired by Italian universities, is designed to document the state of our research to other researchers or enthusiasts who work in the same field and we do not spread the gossip on the Internet.

The existing correspondence is available to curious readers via this link which clearly shows the reason for our denial of dialogue (in Italian language).
We declare to our readers that we will keep our distance from any initiative taken by "ECLISSEFORUM" which despite everything, tries to involve us at all costs in their investigations.

SBRG - September 1, 2012

Update 2013 - After a thorough investigation to understand the motivations and the authors of a series of articles full of lies, misconceptions and inaccuracies published on the same website against our research activities in Bosnia - Herzegovina, we discovered that the anonymous author of these articles, signed with the pseudonym of Simplicio, was a young degree student of  Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy), whose initials are M.M.
At present we know this student has never received any training in the field of archeology, archaeoacoustics, acoustic or audiology. He has never participated in any archaeological excavation, he has never published any scientific paper or poster, he has never done any institutional research and has never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina, even though he has written about this extensively.
Therefore we leave it to you the readers opinion as to the scientific value, or even as documentary value the articles (translated in English and French languages) produced by this blogger, along with their level of their
authoritativeness, claimed by the same anonymous author.