Conclusion of the conference "Hidden History" 2012 in Visoko

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The "Hidden History" conference in Visoko organized by the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, ended late in the evening of 8th September  2012.
The conference began with a press conference in which Dr. Semir Osmanagić introduced the theme  and the progresses made by the Foundation to date. Some of the speakers were at the press conference including Klaus Dona, Philip Coppens and Paolo Debertolis.
Many Bosnian authorities were present in the assembly room. Alongside them, was the Ambassador of Pakistan who has been following the researches of the Foundation of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with interest for a long time.


From left: Philip Coppens, Paolo Debertolis, Semir Osmanagić, the delegate of the Bosnian institutions, Fikret Plevljak (Prime MInister of Canton Zenica-Doboj), Klaus Dona


From left: Semir Osmanagić, Fikret Plevljak and Klaus Dona


 From left: Philip Coppens and Paolo Debertolis


In the morning the report by Semir Osmanagic on the Bosnian pyramids and the report by Philip Coppens on the origin of the populations.


The audience in the conference room


In the afternoon several reports were presented including those of two members of our research group (SBRG). Paolo Debertolis spoke about his study on archeo-acoustic research on the structures in Visoko Valley. To help give a better understanding of electromagnetic phenomena and ultrasound, Slobodan Mizdrak spoke about the results of the experiment carried out in April 2012 on the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (at the end of this article there are the links to videos of presentations and the original slides projected at conference).


The speakers of SBRG during their presentation, Paolo Debertolis and Slobodan Mizdrak


Then it was the turn of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation archaeologist Richard Brett, who spoke about the artifacts found in the excavations. He also announced the latest results from tests carried out at C14 on the Pyramid of the Sun, these were carried out in a laboratory in Kiev, radiocarbon dating showed the layers of conglomerate were 24,800 years (+ - 200) old.


The archaeologist, Richard Brett


One of the artifacts found in the free section of the tunnel Ravne and showed by Richard Brett at the conference, an oil lamp in eighteenth-century iron



The last speaker was Klaus Dona who gave a brilliant report. In addition to illustrating the artifacts found by him in Ecuador, he announced his discovery of three pyramids in South Africa, which also have considerable thermal and electromagnetic phenomena related to them. Dona has also provided a new map of  tunnels found on the Pyramid of the Sun from satellite studies.



Two of the many ancient artifacts found in Ecuador by Klaus Dona, inexplicable in their characteristics. These are covered with a special paint fluoresce which under ultraviolet light appear as shown. This is interesting as the ancient people must have had knowledge about ultraviolet light, something not previously known


A new map produced as a result of a satellite search by Klaus Dona tunnels inside the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. It appears there is a depth of 180 meters from the west tunnel that penetrates directly into the pyramid from below the plateau


The conference lasted until late in the evening, below Semir Osmanagić is thanking the speakers and all those who contributed to the conference.


Semir Osmanagić thanking all the speakers


SBRG - September 22, 2012


1) Video of the presentation of Prof. Agg. Paolo Debertolis on archaeological acoustics research at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the Ravne tunnels (in English).

2) Video of the presentation of physics researcher Slobodan Mizdrak on the results of the experiment carried out in April 2012 on the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, for the evaluation of electro-magnetic and ultrasound phenomena (in English).

3) Original slides of the presentations by Debertolis and Mizdrak.

4) Video of the press conference in the morning


Translated by Nina Earl